The maximum supported amount of memory is now 4 GB rather than 3 GB. LED Backlight LCD Panel

The new LED backlit LCD panel can be easily identified in a couple ways. The display driver board is now at the bottom of the panel instead of the top. The LVDS cable no longer travels up the back of the display. In addition, the LED power is integrated into this cable.

This technology allows for a continuous backlight from the moment power is applied. Previously, the fluorescent tube required a warm-up period to reach operating brightness. Not only does LED technology eliminate all mercury from the display, but also LEDs weigh less and provide more brightness for the equivalent amount of power.

It is very important that the video flex connection to the LCD panel be properly inserted, aligned and seated in its connector on the panel. Misalignment can cause multiple video issues. During insertion, the connector should be perfectly straight, not at an angle, and the connector should slide into its mate in a flat position, parallel to the LCD panel, not obliquely. See illustration below.

Correct Insertion Incorrect Insertion Correct Insertion Incorrect Insertion
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