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NOTE: Some hard drives may have a metal disk attached to them for vibration stabilization (as shown below) while other models may not.

1. Carefully pry up the flex cable from the hard drive.

2. Lift up cabling to gain some clearance.

Remove the two Phillips #0 screws from the drive bracket.


4. Remove the hard drive bracket.

5. Using a black stick, tilt the hard drive up slightly on the right side; then work the hard drive out of its grommet wells on the left side and lift up just enough to access the flex connector.

6. If there is Kapton tape securing the flex connector, remove it very carefully to ensure that you don't damage the label. A damaged label voids the warranty of the hard drive.

7. Kapton tape may wrap all the way around the flex connector to the back side of the hard drive. If so, hold the hard drive by its sides to turn it over and release the Kapton tape.

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