Supported applications do not respond to input from the remote control

  1. Make sure "Disable remote control infrared receiver" check box is not checked.
  2. If "Unpair" is available in the Security pane of System Preferences, another Apple Remote may be paired to the computer (pairing allows only one Apple Remote to control the computer). To delete a pairing between the remote and the MacBook Pro, click Unpair. (You may have to enter your Administrator password to make changes in the Security preference pane.)

For further instruction, consult Knowledge Base article 302545: Pairing your Apple Remote with your computer.

  1. Perform the checks above under "Apple Remote" to verify that the Apple Remote is functioning correctly, and then retest.
  2. Check that the infrared board cable is connected to the hard drive flex and infrared board.
  3. Verify that the infrared sensor can be seen in Apple System Profiler. Open Apple System Profiler and check to see that IR Receiver appears under the USB Bus tab in the USB device section. If you don't see it, replace the infrared board and retest.
  4. Replace the hard drive flex and retest.
  5. Replace the logic board.

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Apple Technologies Explained

Apple Technologies Explained

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