Swollen battery

1. Symptom(s):

  • The computer may not run off battery power alone
  • The computer wobbles and won't sit flat on a flat surface
  • The trackpad button is continually pressed and doesn't release (in this case, test by removing the battery to see if the trackpad button functionality returns).
  • A swollen battery can also expand and cause the battery case to become unglued, exposing the cells. Though there are currently no safety concerns regarding handling a swollen battery, use common sense.
  1. If the bulged battery will not release/come out of the unit, try removing the top case to help release the battery.
  2. Replace the battery.

For more information and visual examples, consult Knowledge Base article 303922: MacBook, MacBook Pro (15-inch), or MacBook Pro (17-inch) with swollen battery.

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Apple Technologies Explained

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    Why does apple Macbook pro battery swell?
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