To remove the right speaker

  1. Remove all components listed on the first page of this chapter. (Note that the display need not be removed to remove the speakers.)
  2. Gently begin to pull the first few inches of speaker wire leading from the left speaker to the right away from the adhesive on the left side of the bottom case.

3. Use a black stick to carefully pry the wire out from under the brackets securing the wire to the rear of the bottom case. Push out and down to avoid nicking the wire's insulation.

4. Remove the Torx T6 screw and lift the speaker away from bottom case.

Note: A light adhesive may be securing the speaker in place. Use a black stick to gently pry the speaker away from the bottom case.

Replacement note: While tucking speaker wire under the bracket in the back of the bottom case, use a black stick to wedge the bracket slightly upward while sliding the wire underneath to avoid cutting the wire's insulation. Make sure the speaker wire is pushed all the way under each bracket in the rear of the bottom case to keep it from interfering with the reinstallation of the heatsink.

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