Identifying the Mac Book Pro inch Core

Below are views of the MacBook Pro (15-inch Core 2 Duo), with identifying features. Left side MagSafe magnetic power connector. Rear Wider venting than previous MacBook Pro. Rear Wider venting than previous MacBook Pro. The Serial Number and Ethernet ID are located in the battery bay.

To remove the left fan

Note the black screw in the right lower corner. 2. Disconnect the four cable connectors shown. 3. Carefully peel the flex cable off the fan cover. 3. Carefully peel the flex cable off the fan cover. 5. Lift the fan from the right side first to ease it out from underneath the left speaker bracket.

New Parts and Procedures

Macbook Pro Intel Duo 2006 Selfrepair

The MacBook Pro 15-inch Core 2 Duo not only hosts the Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessor chip, but it also reincorporates the popular 9-pin FireWire 800 port from the PowerBook series. Note that the additional port makes this bottom case incompatible with previous the MacBook Pro. Like the MacBook, the MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo now utilizes JST wire bundle connectors that disengage by lifting up and pulling the connector out of its mating part on the logic board. Just snap the connector back in.The...

Power Button pads on logic board

Pwr Btn Macbook

With the top case removed, the power button is disconnected. Instead of having to reconnect the top case to turn on the system, there are two pads on the logic board that can be shorted across with a tool like a flat blade screwdriver to act as the power button. These pads are located near the edge of the logic board, just above center of the hard drive. It is marked PWR BTN. The pads are separated with a horizontal white line.

To remove the right fan

Peel up any Kapton tape, then use a razor knife to cut the length of the black tape-including the copper tape underneath at the seam between the fan cover and the fins. 2. Disconnect the fan cable connector by holding the cable just next to the connector and gently tugging straight up. Remove the three Torx T6 screws shown below. Lift out the fan.

Warning Do NOT allow the logic board to flex at any time Flexing the board can crack solder joints to components Give

From the left side of the board, slowly begin to lift the board, avoiding any flexing, until the thermal material on the three chips underneath releases. Do not lift the board further. Note The thermal material should easily release. If not, verify that all screws and connectors have been removed. 6. Remove the connector under the board, shown. Important There are two metal shims on the under side of the logic board near the graphics chip screw holes 9 and 10 in the screw replacement order...

System shuts down intermittently

Disconnect all external peripherals and eject any ExpressCard. 2. Make sure a known-good fully charged battery is fully inserted. Check that the battery latch is fully engaged and is not broken or getting caught before fully catching. Check battery connection to logic board. 3. Make a visual inspection of the battery connector in the battery bay. Make sure all blades are visible and not bent. If damaged replace the battery connector. 4. Make sure the system is not overheating, the air vents...

Display Rear Housing

Warning If replacing the Display Rear Housing, the correct housing must be ordered to match the installed Display Panel, or damage can result. Before ordering, remove the rear housing and check the manufacturer of the display panel, such as AUO, Chi Mei or Samsung the name will be on a label somewhere on the back examples shown below . Order the rear housing for the display panel manufacturer only. This procedure requires the following tools 0 Phillips screwdriver magnetized Black stick nylon...

Part Location

Macbook Pro Memory

Warning If the computer has been recently operating, allow it to cool down before performing this procedure. 1. Place the computer face down. 2. Remove the three screws from the memory door. If only one memory card is installed, the factory installs it in the bottom memory slot. Memory must be removed from the top slot before removing from the bottom slot. 4. To remove memory cards, carefully spread the two locking tabs for the slot top or bottom away from the card on both sides and allow the...


Mac 922 7930

Display Housing AUO 922-7934 Samsung Chi Mei 922-7933 Display Hook, left 922-7222 Display Hook, right 922-7223 Airport Extreme Card Bracket 922-7937 Hard Drive IR . Flex . Cable. 922-7926 Hard Drive Bracket 922-7939 Hard Drive. 2.5-inch SATA 100GB, 7200 661-4099 120GB, 5400 661-4093 160GB, 5400 661-4094 200GB, 4200 661-4134 Left Ambient Light Sensor Board 922-7912 Left I O Board 922-7911 Left I O Board Flex Cable 922-7923 Memory DDR2 667 SO-DIMM , 1GB 661-4225 2GB 661-4226 Speaker Assembly...

Flashing question mark appears on the screen

Note This system will only boot the Mac OS X system that shipped with this computer or later. It does not support booting into Mac OS 9. 1. Start up from the MacBook Pro Mac OS X Install Disc 1 DVD that came with the computer hold down the C key during restart . 2. When the Installer opens, from the Installer menu under Utilities, select Disk Utility. 3. When the Disk Utility opens, on the left hand side, all disk and volumes are listed. If you don't see the internal hard drive, the system is...