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Main Logic Board

The MacBook Pro (15-inch Core 2 Duo) not only hosts the Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessor chip, but it also reincorporates the popular 9-pin FireWire 800 port from the PowerBook series. Note that the additional port makes this bottom case incompatible with previous the MacBook Pro.

Like the MacBook, the MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo) now utilizes JST wire bundle connectors that disengage by lifting up and pulling the connector out of its mating part on the logic board. Just snap the connector back in.The fans, thermal sensors, and back battery all use this connector.

Macbook Pro Intel Duo 2006 Selfrepair

As with its predecessor, the composite and S-video connection is still available using the optional Apple DVI to Video adapter. The microprocessor is soldered to the main logic board. It is not upgradable.


The maximum supported amount of memory is 3 GB. While you will have a perfectly bootable system with two (2) 2GB RAM modules installed — and even About This Mac will report 4GB of installed memory—the system will only be able to address 3GB of that installed RAM.

AirPort Extreme

The AirPort Extreme card is a new design that utilizes a three-wire antenna solution. A color-coded label will identify which wires go to which terminals on the card.


The Bluetooth module and antenna have been moved from the bottom case near the hard drive to a position underneath the top case.

iSight Camera Status LED

The opening for the green status LED to the right of the camera no longer appears in the display bezel. When the LED lights up, it is now visible through a clever pattern of micro perforations.


The keyboard backlighting has been improved. In addition, the programming of the caps lock key was changed to fix a developer keyboard mapping issue. Thus, this keyboard cannot be used in previous MacBook Pro 15-inch systems. The caps lock key will not be recognized.

Right Speaker Assembly

The right speaker is now one single part. In the previous design, a speaker housing was mounted below the main logic board and the right speaker driver was mounted through the main logic board into the housing with its wire running over the top of the main logic board.

The new single piece design has the entire right speaker installed first with the main logic board placed over it. This design does require the entire main logic board to be removed to change the right speaker. In addition, the right speaker wire now runs below the main logic board, under the heat sink along back vent wall.


The trackpad now supports screen zooming, much like the keyboard-based Zoom feature in the Universal Access System Preference pane. When holding down a user-selectable modifier key (in the Keyboard & Mouse System Preference pane), gesturing with a forward finger motion on the trackpad will cause the image on the screen to zoom in. The reverse motion will zoom out.

Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard Trackpad Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts

Tracking Speed Double-Click Speed

Slow Fast

Double-click here to test

Trackpad Gestures: Scrolling Speed

Use two fingers to scroll

Allow horizontal scrolling sl™ Fi!t

55 Zoom while holding A Control ( Options... j


2 Dragging

Q Drag Lock {tap again to release) _ Place two Fingers on trackpad and click button for secondary click

Trackpad Options:

Ignore accidental trackpad input _ Ignore trackpad when mouse is present

There are three users options that adjust how the customer can move within a zoomed screen and how smooth the image will look.

When zoomed in, the screen image moves: * Continuously with pointer Only when the pointer reaches an edge So the pointer is at or near the center of the image

? Smooth images (Press\9£\ to turn smoothing on or off]


Hard Drive

The hard drive comes with a metal disk attached to its top cover to dampen hard drive noise. This disk is not removeable. The replacement drive will come with this dampener pre-installed.

Temperature Concerns

The customer may perceive this system to run hotter than previous models. However, the normal operating temperature is well within national and international safety standards. Still, customers may be concerned about the heat generated by their machine. To prevent an unnecessary repair, you can compare a customer's computer to a running model, if available, at your repair site.

For more information on temperature concerns and customer perception, refer to Knowledge Base article 30612: Apple Notebooks: Operating Temperature.

Display Takeapart

With the MacBook Pro (15-inch Core 2 Duo), we have brought back the whole display clamshell as a service part. However, unlike the 17-inch Core 2 Duo, we offers some parts which are accessible by the removal of the display rear housing.

Specifically, a Service Provider can replace:

  • Display hooks
  • Inverter
  • Display housing
  • Sleep magnet

All other parts including the LVDS cable are serviced with the whole clamshell module.

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