System shuts down almost immediately after startup

  1. Disconnect all external peripherals and eject any ExpressCard.
  2. Make sure a known-good battery is fully inserted. Check battery charge and make sure that at least two LED charge indicators light up, otherwise connect the adapter. The adapter should light when plugged in. If not, consult the MagSafe power adapter troubleshooting section for further troubleshooting.
  3. After charging for a while, if the battery does not seem to charge, or if it is charged up but quickly discharges, replace the battery. Verify with a known-good battery.
  4. Check battery connection to logic board, and check wire attachment to connectors.
  5. If just before the system shuts down, the sleep LED briefly comes on, check the two thermal sensor connections to the main logic board. They should be fully seated with no damage to the wiring. If the thermal sensor is damaged, replace it.
  6. If a known-good battery does not charge, replace the left I/O board.
  7. Replace the logic board.

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