Warning Do NOT allow the logic board to flex at any time Flexing the board can crack solder joints to components Give special attention at the narrow neck of the fan cutout

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5. From the left side of the board, slowly begin to lift the board, avoiding any flexing, until the thermal material on the three chips underneath releases.

Note: The thermal material should easily release. If not, verify that all screws and connectors have been removed

6. Be sure to insert the black stick between the logic board and the plastic shield on the bottom case below. Avoid lifting from under the plastic shield.

7. Carefully lift the left side of the board, supporting the board along its sides as it lifts, and pivot along the ports side as you finesse it clear of the port openings..

8. Remove the logic board.

Important: In the MacBook Pro (17-inch Core 2 Duo) only, there are two metal shims on the under side of the logic board near the graphics chip (see callouts below). If reusing this logic board, make sure those shims retain their position above the heat sink posts.

Method 2

1. Disconnect the ten cables shown. (Note: some of the cable connectors in the MacBook Pro (17-inch Core 2 Duo) may be JST connectors, not pictured below.)

2. Tape the thermal sensor cable to the display assembly to avoid getting it trapped under the logic board and forgetting it during reassembly. Important: Do not tape over connectors with exposed contacts. Residual adhesive from the tape can contaminate the contacts.

3. Remove the twelve Torx T6 screws, shown. Two screws that secure the fan to the frame are indicated below under the LVDS cable.


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