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To remove the microphone:

Note: The microphone does NOT have to be removed from the left speaker if not replacing the microphone or speaker.

Note: Some photo details below may differ slightly from the model of 17-inch MacBook Pro you are repairing; however, the procedure itself remains consistent for any of the models.

1. Use the flat end of a black stick to pry the microphone boot out of its well in the left speaker.

2. Disconnect its connector from the left I/O board.
Macbook Pro Microphone

To remove the left speaker:

1. Lift the antenna wires out of the channel along the right side of the speaker.

2. Remove two screws.

Macbook Pro 2007 Inch Faults
3. Disconnect the speaker cable and the microphone cable, and lift out the speaker.

Replacement Notes:

• Verify that the antenna cables lay flat within the channel along the edge of the speaker.

• If not, use Kapton tape to secure, as shown.

• And verify that the cables for the antennas, and camera and inverter, route to the left of the pin and screw hole at the top right corner of the speaker.

To remove the right speaker:

1. Once the logic board is removed, lift out the right speaker, guide its cable out of the channel above the battery well, and disconnect its connector from the left I/O board.

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Apple Technologies Explained

Apple Technologies Explained

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