Preliminary Steps

Warning: While performing the following procedures, notice the hooks as they are drawn out of the display housing and into the slots in the top case. If adjustments to either latch hook are performed later, they must be adjusted only very slightly, to stay within the slot on the top case.

Before performing the latch adjustment, test the current operation of the latches:

1. Push the display down to about two inches from the top case. Then push the display very slowly until it just touches the top case, and immediately release.

If working properly, the latches should secure the display to the top case throughout the following tests:

  • Pounding firmly on the table top, to the left and right of the computer.
  • Pulling up on the sides of the display.

Repeat the above procedures multiple times to verify proper operation of the latches.

2. Whether or not the latches functioned properly, use the following procedures to achieve or to verify proper latching function.

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