Wire and Flex Cables

Because of its extremely thin enclosure design and dispersed circuit board, the MacBook Pro utilizes a large number of flex cables and variety of wire cable harnesses. Many of these cables carry multiple types of signals.

Here is a list of the cables and the signals that run across them. If you notice a group of functions not working, it is likely that the cable is not properly inserted or the connector is damaged.

Cable or Flex Cable

Signal(s) Running Through It

SuperDrive flex

SuperDrive data, power, and control signals (cable select info)

Hard drive flex

Hard drive power and data Bluetooth power and data

Left I/O board flex

Audio in and out left USB (2 ports) ExpressCard data, left ALS, AirPort

Power Button cable

Power-on signal

Infrared Cable

Infrared Power and data

Sleep LED cable

Power to sleep LED

Main battery connector wire harness

Battery power to main logic board

Speaker Assembly cable (left)

Left speakers (2) audio

Speaker Assembly cable (right)

Right speakers (2) audio

Internal microphone

Internal microphone audio

Trackpad flex

Trackpad data and power Power on button Keyboard backlight power Sleep sense signal Keyboard data

Bluetooth antenna cable assembly

Bluetooth radio signal

AirPort Extreme antenna cable

AirPort Radio signal

Left fan cable

Power/control for left fan

Right fan cable

Power/control for right fan

Inverter cable (to logic board)

Display backlight control Inverter control signal (brightness)

iSight video signal cable

Video power and signal from iSight camera

LVDS cable

Video data

Thermal sensors (bottom case (2), heatsink)

Internal temperature data

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