Air Port connection is slow

  1. Move computer closer to the AirPort Base Station or other AirPort device.
  2. Check the number of users trying to use AirPort in the area. Too many users may be accessing the network at the same time, causing heavy network traffic. To improve network connection speed, add additional AirPort Base Stations.
  3. Check for other changes in the environment that may cause interference with the AirPort signal. For more information, consult these Knowledge Base articles: 58543: AirPort: Potential sources of interference., 307289: MacBook Air: Optimizing AirPort Performance while using Bluetooth, and 307296: MacBook Air: Optimize Wireless Communications when using an External Display
  4. Use Software Update in System Preferences or see the Apple Software Updates web page to make sure the latest version of AirPort Extreme software is installed.
  5. Restart the computer.
  6. Check the AirPort Extreme antenna connection to the AirPort Extreme Card. Make sure each connector is securely connected and placed in the proper order.
  7. Reseat the AirPort Extreme card in its slot.
  8. Replace with known-good AirPort Extreme card.
  9. Check AirPort Extreme antenna wires coming from clutch barrel for nicked insulator or crimped wire. If damaged, replace the display assembly.
  10. Check the left I/O flex cable for proper seating on both the left I/O board and logic board.
  11. Replace the left I/O board.
  12. Replace the main logic board.

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Apple Technologies Explained

Apple Technologies Explained

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