Hardware Diagnostics

AppleCare offers two diagnostics for the MacBook Pro. Apple Hardware Test (AHT) is shipped with every machine and targeted for end-users to troubleshoot their machine. Apple Service Diagnostics (ASD) is offered to Service Providers for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Both applications are available for download from Kbase article 112125: Service Diagnostics Matrix. Apple Hardware Test (AHT)

  • Apple Hardware Test (AHT) 3A105 for MacBook Pro (17-inch)
  • Apple Hardware Test (AHT) 3A115 for MacBook Pro (17-inch Core 2 Duo)
  • Apple Hardware Test (AHT) 3A122 for MacBook Pro (17-inch 2.4GHz)
  • Apple Hardware Test (AHT) 3A135 for MacBook Pro (17-inch Early 2008)

Note: AHT version numbers may change as diagnostics are updated.

To use Apple Hardware Test on the hard drive (MacBook Pro (17-inch Early 2008) only):

  1. Disconnect all external devices from the computer except the power adapter.
  2. Restart the computer while holding down the D key. (Apple Hardware Test resides on its own partition on the internal hard drive.)
  3. When the AHT chooser screen appears, select the language for your location.
  4. Press the Return key or click the right arrow button.
  5. When the Apple Hardware Test main screen appears (after about 45 seconds), follow the onscreen instructions.
  6. If Apple Hardware Test detects an issue, it displays an error code. Make a note of the error code before pursuing support options. If Apple Hardware Test doesn't detect a hardware issue, the issue may be software related.

If this method is not successful, use AHT from the MacBook Pro OS X Install DVD..

To use AHT from the DVD:

  1. Insert the DVD named "MacBook Pro Mac OS X Install Disc 1" that came with your computer.
  2. Hold down "D" and restart the computer.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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