Removing a Stuck Disc from an Optical Drive

Important: This procedure applies only to 9.5-mm and 12.7-mm slot-load optical drives. 1. Remove the four identical screws that hold the top cover to the drive.

2. Slide the top cover approximately 2 mm toward the back of the drive. Lift up the top cover to remove it.

  1. Check the placement of the disc. It is either clamped to the turntable at the center of the disc, or it is wedged under one or more posts at the outer edge of the disc.
  2. Holding the edge of the disc, press on the center clamp or hold the posts steady as you remove the disc from the drive.

Important: Do not touch any key components located near the disc.

5. Replace the top cover on the drive so that the small hooks on the top cover fit into the slots on the bottom cover. Then slide the top cover into place.

  1. Replace the four screws.
  2. Install the replacement drive, and reassemble and test the computer..

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