Analog Board

Before you begin,

  • Remove the rear housing
  • Discharge the CRT
  • Remove the anode cap
  • Warning: This product contains high voltage and a high-vacuum picture tube. To prevent serious personal injury or equipment damage, review CRT safety and discharge instructions in Bulletins/Safety. Never use a grounding wriststrap until after discharging the CRT.
  • S.. -H
  • S.. -H
Emac Analogic Board Diagram

1 Unhook the video board ground wire from the CRT grounding strap.

Replacement Caution: When replacing the analog board, be sure to securely reconnect the ground wire to the CRT grounding strap. Switching on system power without reconnecting the ground strap could damage components.

2 Note: If sealant holds the video board in place, cut the sealant with an art knife.

Carefully pull the video board straight off the neck of the CRT.

Video Board

Mac Classic Analog Board

Using a flat-blade screwdriver, release the connector latch and disconnect the degauss cable from analog board connector BP2.

Disconnect the yoke cable from analog board connector BD1.

Disconnect the two halves of the microphone cable.

Note: When removing the analog board, be careful not to damage the speaker cable that is connected beneath the analog board.

Pull out the analog board approximately two inches and align the edge of the board with cutouts in the plastic guide.

Lift out the analog board and place it on the workbench pad.

Disconnect the two halves of the speaker cable, located beneath the analog board.

Place the analog board on a grounded workbench pad.

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