Macintosh IIci Upgrade

Before you begin,remove the following:

  • Cover
  • Expansion cards
  • Power supply
  • Drive mount
  • Reset/interrupt switch
  • Speaker bracket
  • Logic board

Note: The Macintosh IIci Upgrade Kit for the Macintosh IIcx includes a IIci logic board, 1 MB of

80 ns fast page mode DRAM SIMMs, a new bottom case, and a new hard drive power cable.

Caution: Review the ESD precautions in Bulletins/ Safety.

Diagram Logic Board Hard Disk

1 Using the SIMM removal tool, remove the DRAM SIMMs from the old logic board and, if they are

1 20 ns SIMMS, give them to the customer.

2 Discard the bottom case. (You need not return it to Apple.)

3 Insert the new Macintosh IIci logic board into the new bottom case.

Replacement Caution: Be sure to insert the replacement DRAM SIMMs (or other 80 ns SIMMs) into the Macintosh IIci logic board. If you use the 1 20 ns SIMMs from the Macintosh Ilex, the new Macintosh IIci will not function correctly.

Replacement Note: To finish the Macintosh IIci upgrade, install the speaker, drives, drive mount (using the new hard drive power cable), power supply, and reset/interrupt switch. (Refer to Take Apart for detailed procedures.) If the unit contains a hard drive, install the hard drive light pipe from the old case in the new Macintosh llci bottom case.

Power Cable

Quadra 7QQ. Logic Boar

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