LC Ethernet Upgrade

Before you begin, remove the top cover.

Caution: Review the ESD precautions in Bulletins/ Safety.

Note: The finished goods LC Ethernet Card package includes the LC Ethernet Card and standoffs. If you order service parts, you must order the standoffs separately from the card.

Long Standoff

Short Standoff-

1 Insert the short standoff in the hole on the corner near the connector end of the card.

2 Insert the long standoff in the hole on the center edge of the card.

Caution: Failure to install the standoffs can cause the computer to restart intermittently.

Expansion Connector

LC Ethernet External Connector

3 Position the card so that the external connector extends through the expansion connector opening.

4 Pivot the card over the expansion slot.

5 Press the connector pins into the connector slot.

Note: Do not force the card into the slot. If you meet a lot of resistance, pull the card out and reseat it.

Macintosh LC Logic Board

Macintosh LC Logic Board

Macintosh Expansion

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