Power Book Screw Matrix

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Nine different types of screws are used in the Macintosh PowerBook 550c. All are Torx screws and require either a T-8 or T-6 Torx screwdriver.

Macbook Screw Matrix

Note: The legend for the screws follows on the next page.

Legend for Macintosh PowerBook 550c Screws

1 Feet

2 Hard drive, keyboard, bottom case (middle front), display assembly, floppy drive, daughterboard EMI shield (top edge), inside edge of top case, right side panel

3 Display bezel, display, clutch, DAA

4 Trackpad cable and actuator, daughterboard EMI shield (sides), motherboard standoff

5 Rear panel

6 Hard drive bracket

7 Inverter board, interconnect board

8 Bottom case (front corners), left side panel

9 Floppy drive bracket

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