Analog Board Power Supply

Caution Be sure to discharge the CRT to the ground lug. Failure to do so could damage the logic board or the analog board. Caution Never use a grounding wriststrap until after discharging the CRT. . i. . - -. . - i i ' ' -. i i - . . i. . - -. . - i i ' ' -. i i - . 1 Carefully pull the video board straight off the neck of the CRT. 2 Remove the screw that secures the power supply ground wire to the chassis. 3 Disconnect these cable connectors from the analog board Yoke cable (First depress the...

Battery in a Battery Holder

1 Pull the battery out of the battery holder. 2 Return the battery to Apple for proper disposal. For battery packaging and labeling information, refer to the instructions in Bulletins Safety. Replacement Note When replacing the new battery, orient it so that the end marked matches the on the logic board. solder-type logic boards, insert the leads of the new battery into the extra set of mounting holes just inside the original mounting holes.

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Remove the two 256K SIMMs from slots 3 and 4. Install two 1 MB SIMMs in slots 3 and 4. Remove the jumper permanently. Remove all four 256K SIMMs. Install four 1 MB SIMMs. Remove the jumper permanently. Note Disregard the jumper label 2 4 M on the logic board. A 4 MB upgrade requires the removal of the jumper.

Logic Board Upgrade

Ferrite Clipsable

Remove the analog board only Awarning This product contains high voltage and a high-vacuum picture tube. To prevent serious injury, review CRT safety in Bulletins Safety. Caution After discharging the CRT, wear a grounding wriststrap to prevent ESD damage to components. Note The Logic Board Upgrade Kit for the Macintosh SE includes the SE 30 logic board, a new bezel, a ferrite bead and tie-wrap for EMI protection, a new chassis and bracket, a new RFI shroud, two labels, and a return sheet that...

Identifying SE Logic Boards

Logic Board Number Picture

Two logic boards are available as exchange modules for the Macintosh SE. If you are replacing the logic board of an SE that was originally shipped with a 1.4 MB SuperDrive, use logic board 661-0536. If you are replacing the logic board of an SE that was originally shipped with an 800K floppy drive, or an SE that has been upgraded to use a 1.4 MB SuperDrive, use replacement logic board 661-0526. Follow these guidelines to help identify the correct exchange module If the customer's battery is...