Logic Board Upgrade

Before you begin,

  • Remove the cover
  • Discharge the CRT
  • Remove the video board
  • Remove the logic board
  • Remove the analog board (only)
  • Remove the upper drive
  • Remove the CRT
  • Remove the bezel

Awarning: This product contains high voltage and a high-vacuum picture tube. To prevent serious injury, review CRT safety in Bulletins/Safety.

Caution: After discharging the CRT, wear a grounding wriststrap to prevent ESD damage to components.

Note: The Logic Board Upgrade Kit for the Macintosh SE includes the SE/30 logic board, a new bezel, a ferrite bead and tie-wrap for EMI protection, a new chassis and bracket, a new RFI shroud, two labels, and a return sheet that you must fill out and return to Apple with the SE logic board.

Note: The SE/30 logic board requires a minimum of four identical RAM SIMMs. Customers whose Macintosh SE systems have 2.5 MB or less of RAM must purchase additional RAM SIMMs.

Note: The new chassis comes in two pieces (a chassis and a bracket) that you must assemble before installation.

1 Install the bracket on the chassis with three mounting screws.

2 Install the CRT on the new bezel with three Torx screws.

3 Remove the lower floppy drive from the old chassis and install it on the new chassis. Refer to "Lower Floppy Drive" in Take Apart.

4 Install the new chassis on the new bezel with five Torx screws.

5 Install the hard drive or upper floppy drive on the new chassis. Refer to "Hard Drive" or "Upper Floppy Drive" in Take Apart.

6 Replace the analog board. Refer to "Analog Board" in Take Apart.

7 Install the new SE/30 logic board. Refer to "Logic Board" in Take Apart.

Ferrite Clipsable

8 Clasp the clip-on ferrite bead around the video board cable as near the video board connector as possible. Secure the ferrite bead near the connector with tie-wraps.

9 Replace the video board. Refer to "Video Board" in Take Apart.

1 0 Install the new insulating shroud over the bottom of the SE and replace the cover. Refer to "Cover" in Take Apart.

Agency Approval Label

Drive Labels

Drive Labels

11 Attach the agency approval label over the previous agency label on the back of the cover.

1 2 Attach the appropriate drive label in the groove to the left of the disk drive slot on the new bezel.

1 3 Install system software (6.03 or later) and run diagnostics on the upgraded unit.

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