Logic Board Connector and Cable Assembly

1 Slide the side extension of the logic board connector down the front side of the small keyed tabs. The logic board connector will snap into place. Note Be sure the center tab snaps into place at the same time. 2 Route the front panel control cable through the hole in the front of the chassis 3 Route the floppy drive cable through its opening at the back of the floppy drive bay. 4 Carefully route the analog and CD-ROM hard drive cables through the large opening behind the CD-ROM drive bay 5...

Hard Drive

Before you begin, remove the I O door. Caution You can access and remove the Macintosh TV hard drive merely by removing the I O door at the rear of the machine. Although upgrading the hard drive is now extremely easy, do not neglect to follow proper ESD precautions use a grounded workbench pad, and always wear a grounding wriststrap. Push down the latch and remove the hard drive. 2 Pull out the hard drive connector adapter.

Horizontal Size

Note Due to video features and timing differences across the Apple line of Macintosh computers, the width of the raster image area on the Macintosh TV screen may vary up to 3 16 inch at each side of the screen. Perform the horizontal size adjustment to set the display to its proper width. Using a hex-head plastic adjustment tool, adjust the horizontal width HW control until the raster is 9 1 4 inches 1 8 inch or 235 mm 2 mm . Use Display Service Utility to display the Focus test pattern. Using...

Identifying the Chassis Harness Assembly

Assy Front Panel Pins

There are three slightly different chassis harness assemblies and Apple service strategy varies with the type of chassis. The three chassis harness assemblies differ according to the combination of floppy and CD-ROM drives they support. Chassis 922-1824 supports the auto-insert Apple SuperDrive and CD-ROM drives earlier than the 300i . This chassis requires a floppy drive adapter, and the CD-ROM connector bridge is about 1-1 2 inches above the CD-ROM drive bay. Chassis 922-0557 supports the...


Before you begin, remove the rear cover. Awarning This product contains high voltage and a high-vacuum picture tube. To prevent serious injury, review CRT safety in Bulletins Safety. Note Perform the cutoff adjustment prior to adjusting the white balance. Replacement Note Perform the cutoff adjustment whenever you replace the CRT or the analog board.