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1 Using a T-8 Torx driver, remove the four daughterboard mounting screws. 2 Caution Always use the logic board take-apart tool to separate the daughterboard connector from the motherboard connector. Trying to disconnect the daughterboard from the motherboard by rocking or peeling the boards apart damages the connectors. Using the Apple logic board take-apart tool, disconnect the daughterboard from the motherboard. green heat sinks attached to the daughterboard are made of delicate heat-conducting material. If they are missing or damaged, they must be replaced. replace a damaged heat sink, carefully peel it from the daughterboard. Select the Motherboard Motherboard

Peripheral Continued

Clean trackpad surface. Check trackpad connections. Replace trackpad. Replace keyboard. Replace interconnect board. Replace motherboard. Check mouse connection to ADB port. Reset the power manager. Clean mouse ball and inside mouse. Replace mouse. Replace motherboard.

Logic Board Identification

Parts Identification To check the ROMs on the PowerBook 1400, 117 MHz units, remove the factory-installed Memory Expansion Card (the card closest to the Microprocessor Daughterboard). To check the ROMs on the PowerBook 1400, 133 MHz units, remove both the factory-installed Memory Expansion Card and the Microprocessor Unit Daughterboard.

Replacement Note If you

Are replacing a defective daughterboard, be aware that the PowerBook 1 60 1 65 1 80 daughterboards are very similar. To differentiate daughterboards, check the underside of the board. PowerBook 1 80 daughterboards have an FPU chip soldered at location To further differentiate PowerBook 1 60 and 1 65 daughterboards, check the underside for the following resistors PowerBook 1 60 daughterboard PowerBook 1 65 daughterboard For daughterboard part numbers, refer to the Service Source parts database.

The Ultimate Computer Repair Guide

The Ultimate Computer Repair Guide

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