Apple Multiple Scan 14 Display Mouse

Screen dark or 1

appears dim 2

Screen flickers 1

No colors appear on 1 screen

Adjust brightness. See Adjustments chapter.

Energy Saver option may be activated. Move mouse or press any key to reactivate monitor.

Return monitor to Apple.

Check that distortion is not due to environmental conditions. Move monitor.

Move monitors at least 16 inches apart, if using more than one monitor on CPU. Return monitor to Apple.

Check to make sure that color and number of colors are set correctly on Monitors control panel. Return monitor to Apple.

Video (Continued)

Screen appears greenish; screen is unreadable

Check monitor cable connection. If you have a video card, install monitor cable into video card port. If you do not have a video card, install monitor cable into monitor port. Return monitor to Apple.

In 832x624 screen resolution, screen is off center, has no raster, flickers, or appears distorted

Some models don't support 832x624 screen resolution. See the Repair Issues topic in the Basics chapter. Select 800x600 or 640x480 screen resolution from Monitors control panel.

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