System does not power up, screen is blank, fan is not running, power LED is not lit

Verify that system is properly connected to a power source:

  • Check for the presence of power cable.
  • If the server is plugged into a power strip, verify that the power strip is turned on.
  • Check power cable connection. It should be firmly connected to the server and the power source.
  • Plug the monitor directly into wall socket and then verify that the monitor has power.

Verify that key in rear drawer is in horizontal (locked)


Verify that power supply is installed and properly seated.

Verify that power LED is on.

Verify that rear drawer is properly installed.

Verify that toggle bolts on rear of logic board are fully


7 Check to see if server frame is bent slightly, preventing micro switch in rear of server from making contact. (Note: When facing rear of network server, micro switch is located near lower left edge of logic board face plate.There is a plastic protrusion that inserts into a slot in the chassis. The micro switch is visible through the grill.)

8 Verify that metal ground strip is properly installed on logic board.

9 Reseat processor card.

10 Reseat other PCI cards.

11 Reseat cache DIMM.

12 Verify that all DRAM DIMMs are properly installed. Remove all DRAM DIMMs and replace them one at a time to test. Replace any bad DIMMs.

1 3 Plug in keyboard and press power-on switch on keyboard. If system does not power on, replace power supply. If system does power on, try turning off system from front panel switch. If machine does not power down, replace NMI reset switch cable.

1 4 Reset Cuda chip. (Refer to "The Cuda Chip" in Basics chapter for instructions.)

15 Reseat logic board and make sure logic board interconnect is making fully connection.

1 6 Reset logic board. (Refer to "Resetting the Logic Board" in Basics chapter for instructions.)

1 7 Replace power cord.

1 8 Replace rear micro switch.

1 9 Replace power supply.

20 Replace on/off switch.

21 Replace front keyswitch.

22 Replace powerplane interconnect board.

23 Replace logic board. Retain customer's DIMMs.

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