Air Deflector Sensor Board


The only tool required for this procedure is a flat-blade screwdriver. A small mirror to use in locating the board is optional.

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, open the computer, lay it on its side with the access side facing up, and remove the following:

  • All AGP and PCI cards
  • Airport Extreme Card (if installed)
  • PCI card guide
  • Speaker/fan assembly
  • Heatsink cover
  • Processor inlet frame
  • Rear exhaust fan assembly
  • PCI divider
  • Logic board
  • Power supply

Part Location

Mac Pro Air Deflector

The air deflector sensor board is located inside the enclosure on the bottom right front corner of the frame. You may find a small mirror useful in locating the board.

  1. Disconnect the sensor cable from the air deflector sensor board.
  2. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, pry up the sensor board from the frame and remove the board from the enclosure.

Note: Adhesive on the back of the board attaches the sensor board to the frame.

Powermac Air Deflector

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  • Naomi
    Is power mac g5 air deflector necessary?
    9 years ago
  • Ottavia
    Where is the air deflector sensor?
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