Front Panel Board


The only tools required for this procedure are a jeweler's flat-blade screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver.

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, open the computer and lay it on its side with the access side facing up.

Part Location


  1. Remove the connector cover from the front panel board cable.
  2. Disconnect the front panel board cable from the front panel board.

3. Using a jeweler's flatblade screwdriver, pry up the metal cap covering the front panel board EMI shield.

Power Mac Side Glass Panel

4. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two front panel board mounting screws.

  1. Carefully pull the board a short distance out of its EMI shield, and disconnect the power button cable from the board.
  2. Remove the board and shield from the enclosure.

Replacement Procedure

1. If you are replacing the front panel board with a new front panel board, do the following:

• Peel the backing off the mylar insulation for the EMI shield, and apply the mylar to the side of the shield, as shown.

Peel the backing off the EMI shield gasket and apply the gasket to the bottom of the shield, making sure the openings in the gasket align with the shield openings.

  1. Thread the power button cable through the opening in the EMI shield and connect the cable to the front panel board.
  2. Insert the front panel board into the EMI shield, making sure the ports are fully seated in the openings in the shield.
  1. Install the front panel board and EMI shield on the inside front of the enclosure and replace the two mounting screws.
  2. Install the metal cap on the EMI shield.

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