Modem Filter Board and Cable


The only tool required for this procedure is a Phillips screwdriver.

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, open the computer, lay it on its side with the access side facing up, and remove the following:

  • Modem (if installed)
  • All AGP and PCI cards
  • Airport Extreme Card (if installed)
  • PCI card guide
  • Speaker/fan assembly
  • Heatsink cover
  • Processor inlet frame
  • Rear exhaust fan assembly
  • PCI divider
  • Logic board

Part Location

Powermac Inlet Sensor


1. Remove the modem cable from the clips on the underside of the logic board.

2. Remove the two screws that secure the antenna board, lift the board, and remove the modem cable from underneath the board.

4. Slide the modem filter board back to disengage it from its mounting bracket, and remove the board and cable from the logic board.

Replacement Note: Make sure the modem filter cable routes out through the opening in the side of the modem filter cap before securing the cap to the modem filter board.

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