Optical Drive

Important: When installing a replacement optical drive, use the original Apple cables that came with the Power Mac G5.


No tools are required for this procedure.

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, open the computer.

Part Location

1. Disconnect the optical drive ribbon cable from the logic board. (The cable connector is located under the media shelf that holds the optical drive.)

3. Place the fingers on one hand inside the opening for the optical drive cable and push the edge of the drive forward. The drive will move part way out of the media shelf.

4. Disconnect the power cable from the drive.
  1. Route the drive ribbon cable out through the opening in the media shelf and remove the drive and ribbon cable from the computer.
  2. If you are replacing the drive with a new drive, install the standoffs on the bottom of the new drive.

Note for SuperDrives: Two bags of standoffs are included with the replacement drive. Use the standoffs with a Phillips head on Sony drives; use the standoffs with a hex head on Toshiba and Pioneer drives.

Note for Combo Drives: Use only the standoffs that are included with the new drive. Do not transfer the standoffs from the original drive to the replacement drive.

7. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the back of the drive, and then carefully pry the cable from the top of the drive. Transfer the cable to the top of the replacement drive, and connect the cable to the drive.

Note: Reusable adhesive tape on the underside of the cable attaches the cable to the drive. When removing the cable from the original drive, be careful to keep the tape with the cable.

8. Carefully remove the EMI shield from the front of the original drive and transfer it to the front of the replacement drive.

Replacement Note: Insert the optical drive part way into the optical drive bay, and connect the power cable to the drive. Then bend down the free end of the ribbon cable, route it through the opening at the back of the media shelf, and connect the cable to the logic board.

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