Serial ATA Hard Drive

The Power Mac G5 computer can accommodate two serial ATA hard drives in its internal hard drive bay. In most configurations, a single hard drive occupies the top portion of the bay. You can install one additional serial ATA hard drive in the empty slot in the bay.

Important: Use the original Apple cables that came with the Power Mac G5 when installing ATA hard drives.


The only tool required for this procedure is a Phillips screwdriver.

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, open the computer.

Part Location

Power Mac Hard Drive Bays


  1. Release the drive locking latch by rotating it up.
  2. Disconnect the drive data cable and power cable from the hard drive.
Power Mac Drive Rail

3. Pull the drive out of the drive bay, being careful not to touch the bottom of the drive.

Note: If you encounter resistance, use a flatblade screwdriver to release the latches on the drive bay rails as you pull the drive out of the bay. (See circled areas on the illustration below.) If two drives are installed, remove the bottom drive first.

Important: If the printed circuit board (PCB) is exposed on the bottom of the hard drive, hold the drive by its sides. To avoid damaging the replacement drive, take care not to touch the PCB during installation.

Replacement Note: If you are replacing a hard drive with a new drive, transfer the four guide screws from the sides of the original drive to the new drive. If you are installing an additional drive, transfer the guide screws from the side of the hard drive bay to the drive.

Replacement Note: When replacing the top drive, make sure the guide screws align with the middle slot of the drive bay, and then gently push the drive into the bay until it snaps into place in the top position.

When installing a bottom drive, align the guide screws with the bottom slot of the drive bay and slide the drive in until it snaps into place.

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