Quadro FX graphics card cable if installed

8. Transfer the port EMI shield from the original logic board to the replacement logic board, making sure the shield is fully seated on the ports.

Fully Disassemble Power Mac

Replacement Procedure

Important: Before you install a replacement logic board, remove the protective clips and caps circled in the illustration below and transfer them to the logic board you are returning to Apple. Do not remove the mylar sheet from the board.

G5frontpinout Jpg

1. Temporarily tuck the top cables into the openings in the media shelf so that they are out of the way. Also tape or hold the bottom cables out of the way.

Note: You may find a long strip of packing tape useful in securing the cables.

2. Angle the logic board into the enclosure so that the port edge goes in first.

Warning: Be careful not to catch the battery on the edge of the case as you lower the logic board into the enclosure. Also make sure the connector ends of the antenna cables are not caught under the board.

  1. Position the logic board on the three mushroom-head standoffs, aligning the ports with the openings in the enclosure.
  2. Slide the board toward the rear of the computer so that the logic board locks onto the mushroom-head standoffs and the ports are fully seated in the back panel openings.
Powermac Thermal Recalibration
5. Replace the three logic board screws and six standoffs in the order indicated below.
Mac Pro Standoffs

Important: There are two versions of the power supply, one with two processor power terminal assemblies and the other with just one processor power terminal assembly. In either case, make sure the rear standoffs are threaded through the power terminal rings before you insert the standoffs into the logic board.

Quadro 600 Installed
  1. Replace the nine power supply bus bar screws.
  2. Reconnect all cables at the top and bottom edge of the logic board.
  3. Replace the PCI divider.
  4. Replace the front panel board.
  5. Replace the speaker/fan assembly and reconnect its cables to the logic board.
  6. Replace the PCI card guide.

Note: If the computer includes a Quadro FX 4500 graphics card, you must connect the Quadro FX 4500 cable to the logic board before you replace the PCI card guide.

  1. Replace the rear exhaust fan assembly and reconnect its cable to the logic board.
  2. Replace the runway and AirPort Extreme/Bluetooth combo cards.
  3. Replace all graphics and PCI Express cards.
  4. Replace the processor support bar and reconnect the processor support bar cable to the logic board.
  5. Replace the processor.
  6. Replace the processor inlet frame.
  7. Replace the heatsink cover.
  8. Replace the front inlet fan assembly.

Important: Whenever you replace a logic board with a new logic board, you must run Apple Service Diagnostic (once the computer is reassembled). Apple Service Diagnostic for Power Mac G5 is available as a download from the Disc Images section of the Apple Service Source website. For more information, see "Thermal Calibration" in the Troubleshooting chapter.

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