AV Module Power Macintosh

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Top Housing
  • Speaker

Note: As you face the back of the computer, the AV module is in the center of the rear panel, directly above the PCI expansion slots.

Note: Lay the computer on its side (logic board side down) to provide access to the logic board connectors. Be sure to keep the computer on a padded, static-free work surface.

1 Disconnect the AV module cable from the logic board.

Note: The AV module connector is directly above the PCI slots on the logic board.

AV Module

Note: Turn the computer right side up again with the rear facing you.

2 Remove the two Torx screws that secure the AV module to the rear panel.

Note: The AV module's plastic cover does not come off. It is part of the rear panel.

3 Two plastic tabs at the top of the rear panel secure the rear panel to the chassis. Lift the two tabs to release the rear panel.

AV Module

5 Lift the AV module out of the computer.

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