IO Interfaces


PM 8500 and WS 8550

Dual-channel asynchronous SCSI interface; external channel supports up to seven SCSI devices Internal channel supports a hard disk array


Two RS-232/RS-422 serial ports compatible with LocalTalk and GeoPort cables; mini DIN-8 connectors

ADB Ethernet

One Apple Desktop Bus port for a keyboard, mouse, etc.

One AAUI and one 10BASE-T Ethernet port (if cables are plugged into both ports, system defaults to 10BASE-T)


Three PCI expansion slots, compatible with all PCI 2.0

specification-compliant cards with the addition of Mac OS-specific software driver (not NuBus compatible)

Sound 16-bit stereo sound input and output ports

Video Built-in DB-15 video connector on logic board

PM 8500 24-bit video input and output connectors on AV module

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