No sound from 1

speaker 2

Verify that volume setting in Control Panel is 1 or above. Clear parameter RAM. Hold down <Command> <Option> <P> <R> during startup but before "Welcome to Macintosh" appears. Verify speaker is plugged into logic board. Replace speaker.

Replace logic board. Retain customer's DIMMs.

Errors occur when initializing or erasing floppy disks and/or 1.4 MB disks show only 1 MB available after initialization

  • While holding down the Option key, drag the Power Mac Format Patch icon onto the System Folder's icon.
  • Click OK to automatically place the patch in the Extensions folder.
  • Restart the computer by choosing Restart from the Special menu.

This problem only occurs on systems using a 180 MHz or faster processor card. Upgrade to system software version 7.5.4 to resolve this problem (the Apple recommended solution) or, alternatively, install the Power Mac Format Patch, which can be found on the original system disks that shipped with the computer. To install the patch:

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