Power Supply

Before you begin, remove the top housing.

Note: As you face the computer, the power supply is located in the back of the chassis, directly beneath the speaker.

Power Supply Cable Power Supply Cable

1 Disconnect the two cables that run from the power supply to the logic board.

Note: The 10-pin power supply cable supplies 3.3 V power for the processor card. The 22-pin cable supplies 5 V and +/- 1 2 V power for the logic board.

Power Supply Chassis Support Brace

2 Turn the computer sideways so you are facing the power supply. (The power supply should be to your left and the drive bays to your right.)

3 Locate the chassis support brace, which is between the power supply and the drive bays.

4 Push in the latch located on the right side of the chassis support brace and pull out the brace to remove it.

Take Apart Power Supply


Take Apart Power Supply


5 Push in the plastic latch that secures the power supply to the chassis. The latch is located to the right of the power supply.

6 Slide the power supply forward and pull it out of the computer.

7 Remove the 22-pin cable from the power supply.

Replacement Note: There are two metal tabs on the back of the power supply on its bottom edge. You must feed these tabs through two openings in the chassis before you slide the power supply back into place.

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