Before you begin, do the following:

  • Remove the chassis carrier
  • Remove the front door

1 Remove the four screws on the CRT bezel to release the housing from the CRT bezel.

2 Remove the two plastic plugs covering the top panel housing screws.

3 Remove the two screws.

4 Pull housing back and lift housing off computer.

Note: The housing is removed as one unit, but Housing separates into four parts:

the top panel housing (922-3476), rear panel housing (922-3475), left side housing (922-3474), and right side housing (922-3473).

See next page for individual housing screw locations.

Complete Housing Enclosure

Note: This picture is a view looking inside the housing.

5 Remove screws (10) to separate housing into individual panels.

-Tilt/Swivel Assembly

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