Processor Module

Before you begin, do the following:

  • Remove the chassis carrier
  • Remove I/O card
  • Remove cable clamp support bracket

Caution: Review the ESD precautions in Bulletins/ Safety.

1 Remove the screw that holds the processor module wire to the logic board.

Replacement Note: The processor module wire attaches to the top of the logic board (not underneath). When screwing down the wire, be careful not to damage the capacitor that is next to the screw hole. Use a manual screw driver to avoid damaging the capacitor.

Warning: the heat sink may be hot to the touch.

2 While pressing down on the top of the clip that secures the heatsink, use a small flatblade screwdriver to lift up on the front tab of the clip to release it.

3 Lift up the clip and remove it from the heatsink.

Lift up the heatsink to remove it from the processor module.

Lift the metal lever at the left of the processor module.

6 Pick up the processor module by the edges and gently lift straight up to remove it. Be careful not to bend the pins underneath the module.

IMPORTANT: If you are only replacing the processor module, stop here. If, however, you are removing the processor module in order to replace the logic board, continue on to the next page.

Replacement Note: Don't force the processor module.

Warranty Jumper

Sticker Block

Warranty Jumper

Sticker Block

7 Remove the warranty sticker and red jumper block located next to the battery if replacing the logic board only.

IMPORTANT: When replacing the processor module, you must change the processor jumper block and warranty sticker to be compatible with the processor module you are installing. Failure to install the jumper block properly will result in a unit that does not power on. See the instructions on the following page.

8 Install the jumper as shown. Depending on the computer's processor speed, you will install a red jumper (233 MHz) or a white jumper (266 MHz). Be sure to cover the pins as shown and to install the jumper block with the gold connector pins facing down towards the board.

Replacement Note:

Position the processor module over the slot, seat it evenly, and press down gently on the module to

install it. Never force the module or you may damage the gold connector pins on the underside. Flip down the metal lever that secures the module to the board.

Install a gap filler, 9223643, on a new processor.

Replace the heatsink, insert the clip onto the tab at the rear of the module, swing the clip over the heatsink, and secure the front latch.

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