Remove the Rear Housing

Perform steps 33-53 if individual customers report video color hue issues with their Rev. A units. If more than 10 percent of units at one location are exhibiting video color hue issues, perform steps 33-53 on all units. Otherwise, go to step 54.

Note: Education customers have been instructed to tape the word "color" to the back

of any units exhibiting color hue issues.

Awarning: The Power Macintosh/Performa 52xx and 53xx computers contain high voltage and high-vacuum picture tubes. To prevent serious injury, do not touch the anode cap and aperture.


33 Pry off the two screw covers on each side of the rear housing.

Tip: Pry up from the rear edge of the screw cover.

34 Remove the three torx screws on each side of the rear housing.

35 Slide the rear housing back and off the unit.

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