Power Supply

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Front bezel
  • Expansion bay cover
  • Top cover
  • Left panel
  • Left metal panel

Note: If you look at the back of the computer, the power supply is located on the right.

Caution: Review the ESD precautions in Bulletins/ Safety.

1 Remove the two screws that secure the power supply to the back of the computer.

2 Lay the right side of the computer on a clean, smooth surface. (The power supply should be to your left and the drive bays to your right.)

3 Remove the screw that secures the power supply inside the computer.

Power Macintosh 6400 Power Supply

4 Set the computer upright again. Pull the power supply away from the rear of the chassis, and twist the left side out to remove it from the computer.

5 Disconnect the three cables attached to the power supply.

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