Display Assembly

Before you begin, remove the following: • Backup batteries Display Assembly . Main battery

Awarning: If handled or discarded improperly, the lithium backup batteries in the PowerBook 100 could explode. Review battery l:;""' handling and disposal

Caution: Review the ESD

precautions in Bulletins/ Safety.

1 Close the computer so that it locks.

2 Using a Phillips screwdriver or pen, move the power switch to the "off" position.

Caution: Do not proceed if the backup batteries, main battery, or AC adapter are still connected to the computer.

3 With the computer upside down, pry off the three rubber covers and remove the three case screws.

Powerbook 100

4 With the computer right-side up, place the elevation feet in the "down" position.

Note: Keep a firm grip on the display assembly while you complete the following steps.

5 Unlatch the display assembly and open the computer.

6 Disconnect the interconnect cable from the motherboard and remove the display assembly.



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