Top Cover

Before you begin, remove the display assembly.

Caution: To prevent ESD damage to components, wear a grounding wriststrap. Review the ESD precautions in Bulletins/Safety.

1 Remove the four top cover mounting screws.

2 Lift off the two clutch plates.

3 Note: You may need to lift the top cover before the clutch covers slide freely.

Slide off the two clutch covers.

4 Pry back the speaker locking tabs and lift out the speaker.

Replacement Note: Position the speaker so that the soldered wire terminals are closest to the cable cover.

5 Squeeze the outside of the interconnect cable cover near the tabs and release the tabs.

6 Remove the cable cover.

7 Slip the interconnect cable and speaker through the top cover and remove the top cover.

Replacement Note: The interconnect cable and the speaker are separate parts. If you replace the speaker or interconnect cable, you must solder the interconnect cable onto the speaker.

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