Floppy Drive Assembly

Reminder: You should have already removed the floppy drive from its compartment. (See Modules You Must Remove.)

Powerbook 1400

1 Remove the 9 screws from the outer casing of the floppy drive.

2 Lift off the top cover.

Powerbook 1400 Battery

Cable Cover

Cable Cover


Disconnect the floppy drive cable from the floppy drive board.

Lift the drive out of the bottom cover and disconnect the other end of the cable.

Remove the screw from the floppy drive board and lift off the board.

PCMCIA Eject Board

PCMCIA Eject Board

Before you continue, remove the following:

  • Speaker Grill
  • Keyboard & Heatsink
  • Hard Drive
  • End Clutch Covers
  • Center Hinge Cover
  • Display Assembly
  • Top Case

Caution: Avoid touching the sensitive wires on the nearby PCMCIA eject mechanism.

1 Pull the PCMCIA eject board up and off the logic board.

Powerbook 1400c Fuses

Memory Expansion

Cards (Optional)

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