Inverter Board

Before you continue, remove the following:

  • Speaker Grill
  • Keyboard & Heatsink
  • End Clutches
  • Center Hinge Cover
  • Display Assembly
  • Panel
  • Bezel
  • Display

Note: For this procedure it is not necessary to disconnect the display cable from the removed display.

Disconnect the cable from the sleep reed switch board.

Note: The inverter board sits on 3 posts. It is secured by 2 large tabs and numerous small tabs

2 Insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the openings along the outer edge of the inverter board and dislodge the board.

3 Remove the inverter board.

Caution: If the double-sided conductive tape is no longer sticky, you must replace the inverter board. Do not attempt to replace this protective tape with regular double-sided tape.

4 To protect the double-sided tape, set the board face down.

Display Housing

Display Housing

Display Backlight For Powerbook

Replacement Notes:

  • Before placing the inverter board in the display housing, connect the backlight cable connector.
  • Angle the inverter board under its 2 large tabs and push it firmly onto its posts.

Bracket • Push the inverter cable under the right display housing bracket.

Clutch Assemblies

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