Before you continue, remove the following:

  • Speaker Grill
  • Keyboard & Heatsink
  • Hard Drive
  • End Clutch Covers
  • Center Hinge Cover
  • Display Assembly
  • Top Case

1 Remove the 2 screws from the EMI shield and lift off the shield.

Ferrite Bead

Caution: Flex cables tear easily; handle them carefully.

2 Lift the right trackpad cable connector off its 2 posts and disconnect it from the backup battery.

3 Disconnect the middle trackpad cable connector from the trackpad board.

4 Remove the ferrite bead from the trackpad cable.

Insert a flat-blade screwdriver in the lateral grooves to loosen the trackpad button.

Angle the button up and slide it out.

Lift off the trackpad board.

Note: The trackpad cable connector on the top case is secured by glue.

8 To remove the front trackpad connector, insert a flat-blade screwdriver under a corner of the cable and carefully pry it up.

Replacement Notes:

• The trackpad cable connector on the top case is too sticky to slide into place. Instead, insert one side of the cable under its tab; then use a screwdriver to carefully

guide the other side under the other tab.

  • Angle the trackpad board down under the groove on the top case.
  • Angle the button into the button opening and slide its top lip under the groove on the top case.
  • Important: Thread the cable though the small slit in the top case, not the larger slot that houses the ferrite bead.
  • Turn the top case over and install the ferrite bead on the cable.
Backup Battery

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