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No preliminary steps are required before you begin this procedure.

Awarning: The main battery contains toxic materials. Review battery handling and disposal instructions in Bulletins/ =J Safety.

Main Battery

Main Battery

Follow these guidelines for properly handling the battery:

  • Handle the battery carefully. Do not drop, puncture, disassemble, mutilate, or incinerate the battery.
  • Fully charge a replacement battery before using it; Apple ships batteries in a partially charged state.
  • Do not leave the battery in the computer for longer than two weeks without plugging in the power adaptor.

Battery Case

Completely discharge and then recharge the battery once a month. Store the battery in the protective battery case. Do not short-circuit the battery terminals. Keep the battery in a cool, dark place; do not store it for longer than 6 months without recharging.

Main Battery

Main Battery

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DIY Battery Repair

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