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Use the following information on the batteries and power adapter to ensure the best use of these systems and to recognize and prevent problems. For instructions on battery and power adapter verification, see the Additional Procedures chapter of this manual.

Battery Matrix

For a matrix of batteries that work with specific models of the PowerBook family of computers, select the PowerBook Battery Matrix located in Hardware/Compatibility Charts.

Battery-Handling Guidelines

The following are guidelines for properly handling the PowerBook 190/5300 Series batteries:

Warning: NiMH batteries contain toxic materials. Send undamaged, dead batteries to Apple for recycling—do not discard dead batteries with other waste. If battery is damaged, do not return it to Apple. Dispose of damaged batteries according to local ordinances. Review battery handling and disposal instructions in Safety Information in Bulletins/Safety.

  • Handle the battery carefully. Do not drop, puncture, disassemble, mutilate, or incinerate it.
  • Do not short-circuit the battery terminals.

Do not leave a battery in the computer for longer than a week without plugging in the power adapter.

Keep the contact cover on the battery when the battery is not in the computer.

Do not leave the battery in hot locations (such as the trunk of a car).

Keep the battery in a cool, dark place; do not store it for longer than 6 months without recharging.

Completely discharge and then recharge the battery once every 90 days.

Fully charge a replacement battery before using it; Apple ships batteries in a partially charged state.

Nickel-Metal-Hydride Batteries

The PowerBook 1 90/5300 Series computers use nickel-metal-hydride i(NiMH) batteries. Each battery provides power for up to 4 hours of work time, depending on the system configuration and battery conservation features employed.

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