Brightness Speaker Grill

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Battery
  • Floppy or CD-ROM Drive Assembly
  • Keyboard

Note : If you are not performing an additional take-apart, it is not necessary to detach the cables of the keyboard.

Powerbook 3400c Disassembly

1 Using a dental pick, detach the brightness & speaker cable from its connector.

2 Remove the screw from the brightness & speaker grill.

3 Lift off the brightness & speaker grill.

Backup Battery Connector

Backup Battery Connector

Key 2400c Macintosh Power Book

4 Using your fingers, disconnect the backup battery connector.

Note: The backup battery is adhered to the grill with reusable adhesive.

5 Gently pull the backup battery off the grill.

Replacement Caution :

Install the backup battery in exactly the same location or you will not be able to align the grill.

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