Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Battery
  • Floppy or CD-ROM Drive Assembly
  • Keyboard
  • Brightness & Speaker Grill
  • Left & Right Clutch Covers
  • Palm Rest
  • Hard Drive
  • Power Supply Board


Ethernet or Ethernet/ Modem Card Logic Board Display Assembly CPU Stiffener

Insert a flat-blade screwdriver under the media bay crystal and gently pry up until the LED dislodges.

Note : The release mechanism assembly consists of a spring and plastic "hook and eye."

2 Remove the spring from the top of the media bay release mechanism.

Caution: The following step, which frees the tightly installed release mechanism from the bottom case, is difficult to perform. Be careful not to break the plastic snaps.

3 Inserting a flat-blade screwdriver between one of the snaps and the release mechanism, carefully but firmly force the snap outwards.

4 Pull out the release mechanism.


Mechanism Replacement

Notes :

  • Install the plastic "eye" onto its round notch on the bottom case.
  • Align the plastic "hook" with the "eye" and snap
  • it into place on the bottom case.
  • Install the spring onto its 2 pins on the release mechanism.

Cable Replacement Note: Gently bend the LED cable to the right so that its con-nector rests outside the bottom case. This will allow the cable to clear the stiffener as the stiffener is installed.

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