IO Interfaces

HDI-30 SCSI port with 1.5 MB sec. transfer rate Supports up to six external SCSI devices Connect SCSI device to computer with HDI-30 SCSI system cable. 200 mA maximum current draw for all ADB devices RS-422 serial port mini DIN-8 connector Stereo sound-in port Stereo sound-out headphone jack standard 3.5 mm stereo miniplugs Micro DV-14 video-out port 8 bit, 256 color video output Supports most Macintosh, VGA, and SVGA monitors Ethernet High-speed Ethernet port Apple AUI connector...

Miscellaneous Continued

1 Verify that volume setting in Control Panel is above 0. 2 Verify that no external speaker is plugged in. 3 Check connections of speaker to interconnect board and interconnect board to motherboard. System freezes intermittently, usually after being on for awhile PowerBook clicks Reinstall center base cover, making sure screw nearest SCSI port when closed is installed first. (See Take Apart.) PowerBook 540 540c Replace daughterboard (CPRC and international repairers only). PowerBook 500 Series...

Display Bezel Assembly

Before you begin, remove the following 1 Remove the microphone from the plastic retainer. 2 Disconnect the speaker cable from the interconnect board. 3 Remove the bottom two bezel mounting screws. 4 Pry off the two rubber bumpers. 5 Remove the top two bezel mounting screws. 6 Note Two hooks on each side of the bezel secure it to the rear housing. Pull the display bezel forward and lift it off the rear housing.

Floppy Drive Continued

Switch off system and hold trackpad button down while you switch system on. Eject disk manually by carefully inserting opened paper clip into hole near floppy drive slot. If PowerBook serial number is between FC410 and FC414 or between CD412 and CK414, replace floppy drive. Check floppy drive cable connection. Reinstall floppy drive brackets. (Refer to Floppy Drive in Take Apart.) Replace floppy drive cable. Replace floppy drive. Replace motherboard.

Modem and DAA Cards

Before you begin, remove the following lnterconnect-to-logic-board cable Note The modem is a PowerBook 500 option. This procedure explains how to install the modem and DAA cards and also includes special instructions on how to remove the modem. 1 Slide the modem card under the RAM card guides and connect the modem card to the motherboard. 2 Pull up and remove the modem cap. 3 Install the modem port frame on the DAA card. 4 Note The connector for the DAA card is on the underside of the right end...

Backup Battery Verification

The backup battery saves the PRAM and power management information on the logic board when the computer is shut down. To check that the backup battery is working, follow the procedures below. 2 Perform a Shut Down from the Apple Menu or Special menu 3 Remove the main battery and disconnect the power adaptor for 10 minutes. 4 Connect the power adaptor, insert the battery, and power on the computer. 5 If the date and time were lost, the backup battery may be dead or discharged. 6 To recharge the...

Power Book Screw Matrix

Nine different types of screws are used in the PowerBook 500 Series. All are Torx screws and require either a T-8 or T-6 Torx screwdriver. Note The legend for the screws follows on the next page. Legend for PowerBook 500 Series Screws 2 Hard drive, keyboard, bottom case (middle front), display assembly, floppy drive, daughterboard EMI shield (top edge), inside edge of top case, right side panel 3 Display bezel, display, clutch, DAA 4 Trackpad cable and actuator, daughterboard EMI shield...


Screen is blank computer doesn't respond 2 Connect power adapter and restart computer in 3-4 minutes. 3 Try known-good, charged main battery. 4 Check all interconnect board, daughterboard, and motherboard connections. 6 Test fuse on motherboard to make sure it is not open. 9 Replace daughterboard. 1 0 Replace motherboard.

Internal Modem Continued

Strange mix of characters appears on screen 1 Verify that baud rate and data format settings of communications application are compatible with internal modem and remote modem. 2 Check phone cord connection and operation. 3 Verify that System is 7.1.1 or later. Reseat modem card. Replace modem card. Replace interconnect board. Replace motherboard.

Battery Information

The PowerBook 500 Series computers include one or two nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries. Each battery provides power for up to 3.5 hours of work time, depending on the battery conservation features employed. A smart processor included in each battery pack indicates the battery's charge status. For instructions on how to verify the battery voltage, see the Additional Procedures chapter of this manual. For additional information on PowerBook batteries, voltages, ampere hours, and part...

Symptom Charts Startup

1 Reseat RAM expansion card and check connection. 1 Disconnect hard drive cable and restart computer. If startup sequence is normal, reconnect cable and retest. 3 Disconnect floppy drive cable and restart computer. If startup sequence is normal, reconnect cable and retest.

Video Continued

Display is very light 1 or totally white 2 Adjust screen contrast and brightness settings. Verify cable, inverter board, interconnect board, daughterboard, and motherboard connections. Replace interconnect-to-display cable. PowerBook 520 520c If temperature is under 5 C or over 40 C, this reaction is normal. Let screen warm up for 30 minutes.

Battery Verification

The Control Strip on the PowerBook 500 Series desktop shows the battery charge and the rate at which the battery is being used. Use a voltmeter to measure the actual battery charge 1 Set the voltmeter to the 10 volts DC scale. Hold the positive probe of the voltmeter to the positive battery terminal and the negative probe to the negative terminal. 3 A fully charged battery measures approximately 10.8 volts a fully discharged battery measures 7.8 volts. Note If a battery is stored outside the...

Power Continued

Recharge battery or attach power adapter. Verify that peripherals are low-power. Reduce use of floppy or hard drive, modem, sound, backlight, or other power-consuming devices, or connect power Try known-good, charged main battery. Try known-good power adapter. Replace motherboard. Computer runs when plugged into wall outlet but not on battery power battery voltage is within tolerance 1 Reseat battery to make sure battery is mating with contacts on logic board. 2 Run the intelligent battery...

Floppy Drive

Present, but internal 2 floppy drive does not 3 operate 4 shows Mac icon with 3 blinking X 4 Try known-good floppy disk. Check floppy drive cable connection. Replace floppy drive cable. Replace floppy drive. Replace motherboard. Verify that trackpad and trackpad button are working. Check floppy drive cable connection.

Power Manager Reset

The battery and power adapter are proven good, but the computer will not power on. The computer will not reset after a system crash. To reset the power manager in the PowerBook 500 Series, 1 Remove the AC adapter and the battery. 2 Let the unit sit without power hooked up for 3-5 minutes. 3 Simultaneously hold down the Control, Command, Option, and Power On keys for 5-10 seconds. 4 Reinstall the battery and, if necessary, reconnect the AC adapter.

PB c Upgrade

Before you begin, remove the following Note This information is for reference purposes only the Finished Goods upgrade is no longer available. Note A PowerBook 540c upgrade kit upgrades the display of a PowerBook 520, PowerBook 520c, or PowerBook 540 to a PowerBook 540c display. The upgrade kit consists of a PowerBook 540c display assembly. Install the PowerBook 540c display assembly. See Display Assembly in the Take Apart chapter. Macintosh PowerBook Processor Card Upgrade The Macintosh...

Pcmcia Module Upgrade

Before you begin, remove the second left battery. Important Before removing the battery or inserting the PCMCIA expansion module into the computer, use the Macintosh Shut Down command. Otherwise, the computer will shut down automatically and all RAM contents will be lost. Note The PCMCIA expansion module is a PowerBook 500 option. The module comes with a protective cap and PCMCIA driver software. 1 Note You will feel some resistance when you insert the PCMCIA expansion module into the computer....

Trackpad Assembly

Before you begin, remove the following . CS - f. Disconnect the backup battery cable. Using a T-8 torx driver, remove the front two mounting screws. 3 Note The trackpad cable assembly includes the display actuator switch and the trackpad button. Disconnect the trackpad cable assembly and remove it from the unit. Replacement Note Reconnect the backup battery cable before reconnecting the trackpad cable assembly. Replacement Note Before securing the two screws, make sure the flex cable routes on...


Powerbook 500 Ries

Before you begin, remove the battery PCMCIA module. Using a T-8 torx driver, remove the middle two bottom housing screws. Using a small flat-blade screwdriver, lift the front of the keyboard and pull it forward slightly. Rotate the keyboard so that it is perpendicular to the top cover. Release the locking tabs on the two keyboard cable connectors and disconnect the cables from the motherboard.

BatteryPcmcia Module

Apple Powerbook 520c Display Cover

Before you begin, disconnect the power adapter. Note This procedure covers removal of the main battery, second battery or PCMCIA expansion module, and battery contact cover. Important Before removing the battery, use the Macintosh Shut Down command. Otherwise, all RAM contents will be lost. Caution The PowerBook 500 Series contains devices that are very susceptible to ESD damage. To prevent damage, wear a grounding wriststrap. Review the ESD precautions in Bulletins Safety. 1 Slide the release...