Disk Utilities

Some disk utility and disk locking programs manufactured by companies other than Apple are incompatible with HFS Plus.

Using an incompatible disk utility or disk locking program could result in hard disk corruption and loss of all data on the hard disk. Check the documentation that came with the program or contact the manufacturer or the vendor of the program before attempting to use it. Apple recommends using the utility Disk First Aid, which is included on the system software CD that ships with the PowerBook G3 Series.

Norton Utilities

Warning: Using Norton Utilities version 3.5.1 or earlier on your hard disk can result in hard disk corruption and loss of all your data.

Norton Utilities version 3.5.1 and earlier is not compatible with Mac OS Extended format. See the Symantec Web site at http://www.symantec.com/nu/num-hfs.html for more information on Norton Utilities and Mac OS Extended format.

SCSI Disk Mode

To use a PowerBook in SCSI disk mode, the computer you are connecting to must be running Mac OS 8.1 or later. If the computer is running an earlier version of system software, no user files will be visible on the PowerBook hard disk.

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